An AI bartender who designs you a drink


Headlines about AI are dominating the news cycle. It’s creating a sense of mistrust, doubt and in some cases, fear. But can it create a great cocktail?

To experimenters, makers – those of us who thrive in building, testing, and breaking, AI is a valuable sidekick. So, to get people genuinely interested in AI and to break through the uneasiness around the topic, we came up with a way to naturally integrate its potential into a great night of cocktails and socializing. LuigAI is an AI-powered bartender that creates a bespoke drink recipe based on your name. And we named it LuigAI after Luigi’s, our office bar.

LuigAi recipe printed on a piece of receipt paper, with a hand holding a cocktail labelled "Mushroom Kingdom"
LuigAI recipe printed on a piece of receipt paper with a hand holding a pink cocktail labelled "Anisa Sunrise"
LuigAI recipe printed on a piece of receipt paper, with a hand holding a cocktail labelled "Kaiser's Elixer"

LuigAI is made from a mix of unused office supplies, a Raspberry Pi, and some clever ChatGPT integration. First, we loaded up all the information of the existing bar stock consisting of alcoholic and non-alcoholic ingredients. Then, we preloaded the prompt to create unique drink recipes only out of what was available.

Our custom-built interface then asks you to simply type your name, and LuigAI comes up with a drink name, recipe and even an origin story. It then prints a receipt that you bring to a bartender to mix. The only decision you need to make is whether it’s alcoholic or virgin.

There’s still a lot of questions surrounding AI and its role in our work and our lives. But LuigAI is a pretty fun example of how our new robot sidekicks can be helpful innovation companions.



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