The sneaky way to expense your eats

Good Fortune Burger needed to do something extraordinary to survive Toronto’s grueling COVID lockdowns — the longest in the world.

With the pandemic moving people to their home offices, RECEATS was a sneaky way to expense eats with Good Fortune disguising their entire menu as office supplies on UberEats and DoorDash. To keep customers accountable, every ‘office supply’ order came with real receipts from a fictional supply store.

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Good Fortune was able to tap into a significant cultural shift at the right time, in a way that customers found relatable. Receats blew up with over 300 articles in at least 16 countries, accounting for an estimated 570m+ media impressions.

The campaign also stirred endless threads of love, laughs and ethical debates on various social platforms. It received over 150k upvotes on Reddit, rising to the top of r/funny (the second most popular subreddit of all with over 34m subscribers). It trended on LinkedIn and would end up featured on LinkedIn News. It went wild on TikTok with individual posts earning over 30k likes, and it exploded on Twitter, earning over $225,000 worth of engagement on that one platform alone. It was even used as a business case at Canada’s top business school (Ivey).

Most importantly, it drove a 34% sales increase in online retail for the restaurant that not only caused them to survive, but thrive. The strategy far exceeded planning goals with the campaign resonating well beyond our local demographic.

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