Tina’s Uterus

Cramping menstrual pain’s style


Competitors were talking about back pain, neck pain and muscle pain. But for some reason, they seemed to be shying away from talking about menstrual pain. So of course, we said - let’s talk about it.

Wasting no time, we decided to go directly to the source: uteruses.

Whose? Well, that would be: Tina’s.


We imagined a staff that worked around the clock to bring people and their uteruses the ultimate in discomfort. Constantly coming up with new kinds of menstrual pain – shark attack from the inside, jumper cables, knives, even an evil wizard’s curse? All in a day’s work for the diligent staff of Tina’s Uterus.

But that’s where Motrin came in, spoiling pain-parties and supplying serious relief. In our spots, the Motrin light came on and the pain employees went out.

In the end, we created a platform to talk about menstrual pain in the way people actually talk about it – while kicking the pain employees out of Tina’s uterus.

Project Stats

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Shark attacks endured


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