The Combine

Redesigning the idea & experience of an office


The Combine is a whole new take on what an office is and can be. It transformed a space for working into a community for living, learning, shopping, connecting, and yes, also working. It’s a living/breathing thing operated by all arms of Tadiem, that you can check out rn over here, but this is the case study behind the design of it all, so if you want to dig behind the design of The Combine, do check below.

To completely redesign the experience and concept of an office, we applied Program Design, Interior Design, and Brand Design to create a place that intersects culture and creativity.

A place that has a store, and fully functioning open-to-the-public café. And a bar. A place with its own podcast, and monthly Ted-talk-like speaker series, and magazine. A place that had members instead of employees. A place that could host an art gallery one week and a music video release party the next (literal examples).

The reimagined programming and physical space was all housed in a new brand that was inspired by the perfectly imperfect intersections that this new idea of an office delivers.



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