The Chocolatory

Redefining the KITKAT


When KITKAT Canada set out to create their very own Chocolatory, we were beyond excited to partner with them. But, we also knew that in today’s experience economy, simply combining KITKAT & retail wouldn’t automatically equal success.

Instead, the store would need to offer Canadians something different, something original yet connected to the brand’s overarching objective to redefine the idea of what KITKAT is.

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We anchored the entire store around a “Chef’s Table” experience

We anchored the entire store around a “Chef’s Table” experience - a formerly concealed aspect of the chocolate bar that showed everyone how much care, craft, and high quality food goes into every KITKAT.

From there, in partnership with Model Citizen, we helped design all other aspects of the store, from the product and the packaging to the back end service and the overall experience. We also helped with the advertising and PR (with Narrative), but that’s for another day/case.

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