Reinventing Forwardness


The mobile app for a bank is complicated but the approach we use to design one is simple. We built our understanding of Tangerine’s digital ecosystem with a combination of competitive analysis, interviews, and user testing to develop hypotheses we could test through design prototypes. For every screen we identified the top priority, looked at what we could take away to simplify the experience, and where we could add delight without impeding progress.


Onboarding was our first stop and research pointed to screen overload and a dreary process, so we refreshed the look, humanized the copy, reduced screens by 44% and introduced exciting new features like selfie-sign-up (a first in Canada). We then moved on to a complete digital brand refresh for accessibility and a more modern feel, a supporting design system and usability makeover for the mobile app.

We also revamped the marketing site including the investment section where our hypotheses led us to create dynamic components to show concepts like opportunity cost, risk vs reward, and the value of regular contributions. In the few months since launch the conversion rate has already doubled. Orange you glad you read this?

Project Stats

Conversion increase

Screens removed

Shades of orange tested


Saving Grace Financial

The bank all about the green



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