Scotiabank Arena

Designing the new heart of Toronto


After inking the biggest arena sponsorship deal of all time, Scotiabank partnered with us to develop a brand for their new barn. Our first move was to step back and kick off our brand blueprinting process, which revealed many things including our key insight that people have a closer connection with what happens inside of arenas than they do with actual buildings themselves.

Scotia Arena slide 0

This would inform our overarching concept to not simply put Scotiabank’s name on a building, but to instead put whatever might be happening in the arena within Scotiabank.

And to do that, we developed a system of vessels and mosaics that seamlessly connected the historic bank, the iconic building, and the endless number of events that might take place there on any given night.

The end result was an anti-brand of sorts that was hyper-optimized for digital/motion and would later inspire a historically red bank to explore what other colours may mean for their brand.

Project Stats

Sign technology invented

Logo colourways at launch

Elton John colourway


Saving Grace Financial

The bank all about the green



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