A reimagined loyalty program for those who love what’s next


Scene was one of Canada’s biggest, most-loved loyalty programs. Then they set out to evolve, to take on new partners and offer new rewards. To plus up everything. The end result was this, a new forward-looking strategy, a new look and feel, and a completely refreshed brand built for those who love what’s next…

The challenge with the redevelopment of this brand was to evolve Scene in a way that stood out from the long list of monochromatic competitors, blended in with the literal dozens of super different partners, and somehow found a unique way to stylize a plus symbol that had recently been showing up in all sorts of brands across all categories.

Our design strategy was anchored by the vision of “love what’s next…” and the offer of “rewards your way…” Together these statements speak to forwardness and customization and the future. This would all inform the unique plus icon, built around the ellipsis and be seen in the rounded terminals of the wordmark. The black and multicolour palette stands out from the competition and works with the incredibly varied 30+ partner brands. The system is rounded out with original illustrations, a focused photography style, and a distinct multi-font typography approach that allows the brand to have a presence even in the absence of a logo or icon.



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