Saving Grace Financial

The bank all about the green


In 2018, marijuana was legalized in Canada. You could buy it. You could smoke it. Hell, you could even eat it. But above all else, you couldn’t advertise it.

So Up Cannabis came to us and said, “hey, how do we talk about weed without talking about weed?”. Obviously, the answer was to become a bank.

Up Cannabis Wall

That’s how we came up with Saving Grace Financial. A fake bank that loved to say real weedy things.

Using outrageous headlines paired with a curious URL, we sparked people’s curiosity, leading them to Up Cannabis’ site. Here we switched the conversation to their botanical portfolio and then talked a bit about a product best known for breaking up bud: the Shredit Card.

We were banking on our target reading between the lines. And they did.

It turned out not talking about weed was the best way to talk about weed.

Project Stats

Sales spike

Click-through rate

Weed advertised

Flying pigs



A brand built for better buds


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