Hotel Beatrix

Where different vibes, ideas, and people come together in all the right ways.

Beatrix Hero

Mississauga is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. It’s a mesmerizing mosaic of cultures, cuisines, attitudes, and aspirations. So, when we had the opportunity to brand and design a new hotel right downtown, we couldn’t mess about. We looked at the location, the guests, the local competition, and the global inspiration and decided that this hotel needed to be in the middle of it all, in the best possible way. Nowhere near cookie cutter, but at the same time, not so absurdly cool that it felt disconnected to where it is and who it’s for. It needed to be just the right mix. 

Luckily the city, the neighbourhood, and even the guests happen to be exactly that; unique, thoughtful, and interesting combinations of all sorts of things. From all sorts of places. With all sorts of likes, dislikes, and everything in-between. 

That’s what Hotel Beatrix aspires to be and to provide. The ideal intersection of all the best styles. The tasteful connection of distinct experiences. That sweet spot between the effortlessly cool and the wonderfully familiar. From crafting custom typography to designing dynamic elements, we wanted every detail to feel like a secret family recipe that mixes a bit of luxury and the perfect amount eclectic with comfort, ease, and reliability. To be the right degree of downtown and boutique without ever forgetting where it is. To connect warmth and welcoming with hints of elevated and esoteric. 

In other words, we wanted Hotel Beatrix to be the proper blend. 



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