Google x Collision

Welcome to the nAIghbourhood


How do you help people understand that AI isn't scary and here to take our jobs? In fact, how can we explain that it helps us discover, sustain, create and collaborate? Further more, how do we get this message across at Collision, one of the world's biggest and most recognizable tech conferences?

The answer to all three questions is The Google nAIghborhood, a 3,600 square foot town within a conference. Together with our pals at Narrative, we helped Google create a hands-on AI driven interactive experience complete with a functioning coffee shop, park, art gallery and a library.

Thousands of Collision attendees got to interact with new Google AI features, create and learn. We integrated 12 discoverable interactions including translation, magical AI photo capabilities, and even the ability to make music with digital blobs.

Over the course 3 days, over 36,000 Collision attendees collaborated, created, laughed and even got a coffee and a snack all with the help of artificial intelligence.


La Carnita

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