Drawing together art makers & art buyers


Fineline is the so much more than an art marketplace from people at OCAD U CO. It’s a co-op and a community. It’s a hub for learning and evolving. And it’s an art marketplace that offers more meaning to art buyers and sellers. Our role in this project was to help with all aspects of brand design, from strategy to identity to launch and beyond. Check a snapshot below and buy or sell some art on their site.

OCAD U CO is the transformation studio of Canada’s first university dedicated to fine & commercial art. They set out to create another first, the first art marketplace that meaningfully connects art sellers & art purchasers. This would lead to the creation of Fineline, co-operative art marketplace that means more to creators & buyers.

The strategy was built upon the vision to “make more meaningful” and the attempt to draw a more meaningful line between art makers and art buyers. This would inform the name - Fineline - inspired by the fine line between art & commerce, but also the wordmark & icon, featuring a dynamic & artistic line element. The system also included a custom typography style symbolizing the one-of-a-kind nature of each artist. And it was all backed by a raw, gallery-inspired palette and photography style.



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