Delissio Crust Paper

You don't have to read it – just eat it


Everyone loves pizza, but not everyone loves crust. In fact, some people hate crust. We hated that. 

So while Delissio took care of their own crusts by stuffing them with cheese, we were left thinking, hey - what about all those down-on-their-luck-doughs that never got a chance to get stuffed?

Delissio Slide 1

We took it upon ourselves to save the less-fortunate crusts of our competitors and teamed up with a local papermaker to do something that had never been done before – make paper out of discarded pizza crusts. 

With a little ambition and a lot of science, hopeless pizza handles were transformed into Crust Paper. From there, they became posters. Posters designed to spread word of stuffed-crust salvation and the new found fate of crusts forgotten.

It turned out, even less appetizing crusts had a purpose. And that was to tell everyone just how delicious Delissio’s were.

Project Stats


Brand awareness

Green bins raided


Saving Grace Financial

The bank all about the green



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