A brand built for better buds


CannTx is a leading Canadian cannabis company that was looking to create a medical cannabis brand from scratch. The primary objective was to develop a brand rooted in their uniquely consistent CBD & THC products and their primary challenge was to make something that was safe and familiar without being too expected or similar to the (vast) competition.

Bower slide 1

We began with developing a brand architecture that would later inform the brand’s name and visual identity.

The architecture process culminated in the brand’s promise to be “the clear path to better,” an ethos that led to the name Bower, which by definition is a pleasant shady place under trees or climbing plants in a garden or wood. And the visual identity would follow suit, bringing the brand’s promise to life in a distinct yet welcoming way, featuring an archway icon that doubles as a B, a set of shape-based illustrations, and a malleable system of lines and layouts.

Project Stats

Logo/icon colourways

Relevant definitions of “Bower”

Clear path to better



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