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Moment Marketing: Are you doing it right?

Content creation is nothing without a well thought out calendar but what about the opportunities that arise outside of planned content; moment marketing opportunities.

The immediacy of social demands that brands keep up – and not only with customer service requests but delivering the most relevant content to their audience at the most opportune times. Part of having an always-on social strategy means that the team must always have their finger on the pulse and know when something comes up that would resonate with their fan base. There are often times, however, where brands try a little too hard to contribute to a conversation, which ends up with lackluster performance or worse – backlash from fans. So how do you ensure you are doing the best for your brand at the right time?

Is it relevant to your brand?

Just because it’s shark week and everyone else is pushing out content does not mean your brand should stretch out of its comfort zone to be part of a trending topic. There are many instances where brands have developed creative to compliment something that is trending but it doesn’t always translate to a piece of content their fans want to engage with – which often leads to the effort feeling flat. Do some social listening before jumping on a trend; is your audience talking about this topic? Is it something that your brand could get on board with (without being forced)?

Can you get it created in time?

Turnaround time is key to ensuring your content goes live at the opportune time; if you miss the window of opportunity, there isn’t any point in posting (the last thing you want is for your brand to seem behind on trends). Can you great a creative team on this last minute ask and can they execute whatever it is that you need them to do? These are also very important questions to ask before publishing a piece of moment content.

It’s always best to have a community manager listening for conversations and jumping on opportunities that seem to be best suited for the brands they work on. If a new meme pops up that everyone seems to be jumping on – remember to gauge whether your brand is youthful enough to play along. Remember that social is ultimately a marketing tool for your brand and that should always be the underlying cause of content that you push. If you aren’t sending a brand message, chances are you shouldn’t be participating.


Crystal Sales

Social Media Strategist


November 24, 2014
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