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Adobe Creative Cloud 2015

Adobe launched the 2015 versions of their Creative Cloud applications last week. At OneMethod we like to keep on top of the latest and greatest tools available to us, so we opened our weekly wisdom talk series to allow Adobe’s Paul Trani (@paultrani) to share what’s new.

Paul Trani is both a talented designer and Adobe’s Worldwide Creative Cloud Evangelist, so it was great to get the lowdown from the source. Here’s our favourite new stuff:

Artboards in Photoshop

Artboards in Photoshop will change the way we work. We knew artboards were coming, but assumed it would just be a port from Illustrator where they are essential but the user experience is suboptimal. We’re super happy to report that Photoshop artboards rock, with little touches we wish were in Illustrator, especially that dragging a layer from one artboard to another actually moves its physical position onto the new artboard.

Library Palette

A new library palette will also transform our work process. Seriously? The library palette? Boring… No, but hold one, this is really great. Create a library for your project, put the client’s logo, colour palette, and other assets in there, then share it with your whole team and now there’s no excuse for anyone on your team using the wrong version of a client’s logo any more. And when you need to change that logo to the new version, rest assured that everyone on your team will automagically start using the updated file.

Mobile Apps

Adobe’s mobile apps are very super awesome now because of the library palette. But you’re not using them, are you? If you’re like us you tried a couple when they launched way back and were less than impressed, but there is now a stable of apps the are really worth checking out.

If the idea of capturing a vector outline of something by pointing your phone’s camera at it sound’s too ghetto to consider, then we’re with you — it does sounds like a terrible idea. But once you’ve tried Adobe Shape CC you will change your mind. We are converts.

The mobile app that you skipped, but after a day you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it, is Adobe Color CC. If you find yourself choosing colour for anything ever, then get it. Point your phone at any scene and pull a colour palette directly from it.

The biggest complaint we hear about creative mobile apps is the hassle of getting content from the device to your desktop, but the new library palette means that colour palette you just created using Kuler is instantly available in Photoshop on your desktop. This sharing of colours, brushes, and the other assets is now also handled beautifully between apps, and between users, all thanks to that new library palette.

Future Photoshop

Other worthy mentions are a completely new user interface called Design Space for Photoshop that you can activate — if you know where to look. From the app navigation select Photoshop CC>Preferences>Technology Previews… and then hit that checkbox to Enable Design Space.

This will give you an idea of the direction Photoshop is taking, with more emphasis on providing a great experience for screen designers by hiding all the clutter of stuff that photographers and retouchers need.

Character Animator

And we insist that you try the wonderful Adobe Character Animator. It’s another technology preview so expect bugs but it is so much fun! Import a Photoshop file with a bunch of layers named carefully to match parts of the body and then your web cam switches on so that the application can match your face to the layered file. The character will move its head as you move yours and the mouth will even lip-sync to whatever you’re saying. We’re expecting a tsunami of hilarious content from this thing.


Hoss Gifford


June 26, 2015
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