Senior Designer

Senior Designer


At OneMethod our focus is design and we’re looking for a special someone focused on both brand design and digital interfaces. We love people with the drive to make the best version of something and skillsets developed through years of experimentation and collaboration. If you join us you’ll be working closely with our Design and Experience Directors and our Chief Creative Officer.

If you are the person that is this person, let us know…

What we’re looking for

We want kind, talented people to join our crew. Also this:

  • Entrepreneurial - self-starter who actively looks for ways to contribute
  • Creative - a knack for solving problems in unique ways
  • Curious - the desire to explore coupled with subject matter expertise
  • Collaborator - seeking feedback and input without ego to make the work better
  • Communicator - expressing complex things in simple and inspiring ways
  • Good Taste - how something looks is part of how well it works
  • Experience - we're thinking at least five or six years but if you think you've got what it takes then give us a shout

What you might do

Job descriptions don’t carry a lot of weight here, but you’ll probably do things like this:

  • Create conceptual, strategic, and beautiful designs across digital & brand
  • Own the beginning and build out of digital design systems
  • Build digital prototypes to test & sell ideas
  • Oversee production design & development of your visions
  • Communicate your ideas clearly and with attractive visuals

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