AI Design Co-pilot

AI Design Co-pilot


We’re looking for a very special someone to join our team as we roll out AI across our practice. We’ve been experimenting with these tools for months and we’re now rolling them out to our staff and want a collaborator to accelerate this process.

Here you’ll collaborate with creative teams across the agency as we embed generative AI into our process. You’re a designer first, but with a curious nature and an interest in using AI to spark your creativity and extend what you’re able to do. This role asks for a lot, but you’ll have the chance to work at an agency that’s also a product company, an incubator, and a social laboratory (more on us later).

Core Duties

  • Use your creativity to build stunning designs for digital and brand projects, leveraging AI to push us even further
  • Keep up with the latest in AI design tech. You'll be spotting ways we can use new discoveries to help our clients.
  • Show our design team the ropes on using AI tools. Help them use these tools to take their work to the next level.
  • Excellent communication skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams and present design concepts to clients
  • Some experience with teaching, coaching, or mentoring is helpful as you’ll be an expert, sharing your knowledge to plus everybody up

What We’re Looking For

We want kind, cool, talented people to join our crew. Also this:

  • AI Expertise – in-depth knowledge of current AI platforms, techniques, and their use in design and/or art direction (esp. Midjourney/Stable Diffusion)
  • Communicator – expressing complex things in simple and inspiring ways
  • Collaborator – seeking feedback and input without ego to make the work better
  • Curious – the desire to explore coupled with a deep subject matter expertise
  • Entrepreneurial – self-starter who actively looks for ways to contribute
  • Experience – we’re thinking at least three or four years but if you think you’ve got what it takes then give us a shout
  • Good Taste – how something looks is part of how well it works

What it’s like here

We’re a medium-sized agency that punches above its weight with clients ranging from Fortune 100 multinationals to scrappy start-ups and not-for-profits. We provide an environment where you’ll be surrounded by talented people, art, technology, and a firehose of ideas. We try to be an ego-light crew, so we need people who are confident but kind and collaborative.

OneMethod is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive culture, one which reflects the world in which we live.

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