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Helping a budding marijuana company get higher

When Supreme Pharmaceuticals came to us, they had almost everything they needed to become a big player in the medical marijuana game. An incredible 7-acre greenhouse in Kincardine, Ontario. A newly minted license to grow. And a unique proposition – to sell consistently amazing, sun-grown product at a fair price. All they were missing was a solid brand that captured all that.

We gave them the name 7ACRES as a nod to the massive, one-of-a-kind greenhouse where they sun-grow superior product on a large scale. We paired that with design that felt premium yet artisanal, to reflect a deep commitment to natural cultivation practices. The result was a careful balance of high-end appeal, with the approachability of the farm next door.

7ACRES has been met with high regard (and high demand) since they began growing. To find out more, visit their site or look for them on a shelf near you, you know, once all that legal smoke clears.


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