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From Meh to Man: My apathy turned mild obsession with Justin Bieber

Forward: I’m fairly impatient. I never let the microwave run down to the ding. So, I’ve decided to give away the contents of this post before really getting into it. It’s about Justin Bieber, the ONEMETH clothing line, and the immense effect one had on the other. It’s also about me and my feelings toward Justin Bieber because I thought you’d like to know. Ding.


Let’s have an honest one-sided talk. Three years ago you didn’t really love Justin Bieber. I mean, I didn’t, so how could you? Justin owned a pet monkey, he mistook a mop bucket for a public bathroom, he was arrested on a DUI, and he just had one of those faces (you know the ones).

Unless you jumped on the train during the My World era, I’d be hard-pressed to belieb that you would find those qualities attractive in a fellow human being. To be fair, I didn’t hate him with the same passion as some people did, I just really didn’t care about him.

“I thought I would feel apathetic towards Justin Bieber for the rest of my life. I thought if I left him alone, he would do the same for me”

I knew he was far too young, with far too much money, and far too much time on his hands. If someone gave me 20 million dollars when I was a teenager I would have bought a gold-plated dolphin, rode it into the Loblaws where I worked, and crotch-punched my boss with the Declaration of Independence.

I thought I would feel apathetic towards Justin Bieber for the rest of my life. I thought if I left him alone, he would do the same for me. I thought my 2016 would be free from catchy Apple commercials, following blogs that talk about his outfits, and dying my hair blonde. I thought wrong.

It all started with the Celebrity Roast. Then came the series of car karaoke episodes (one included a Rubik’s Cube!). Then he started unveiling his album via graffiti artists (one of whom I’m currently sitting beside, hey Max!). Then, the album officially dropped along with his Justin Wiener.

“Fans of old still adored him, fans of new pretended they loved him all along, and fans who wished they weren’t fans, couldn’t deny him any

While holding the hands of his incredible PR team, Justin left his problematic adolescence behind and successfully turned into a man the world wide web (and even the whole wide world) adored. In a matter of months, he was reborn and rebranded. Fans of old still adored him, fans of new pretended they loved him all along, and fans who wished they weren’t fans, couldn’t deny him any longer. He knew what we all knew; that he had evolved from a pre-teen heart throb to everyone’s favorite home boy. Here is a perfectly scientific comparison to prove this theory posted by the man himself:
Beliebers in 2010 vs Beliebers in 2015 (screenshot from @justinbieber instagram)

Because even without his incredible new album, you still have to admit Justin is damn likeable. Even without his less-Ellen-more-cool-guy haircut, you still have to admit he is in damn good shape. And even without his trendy skateboard, you still have to admit he has damn good style. Fortunately for me, I help run a clothing line that would benefit from all of it.

ONEMETH Goods is a clothing line that started out of the back of OneMethod’s advertising and design studio. We started it because we like working weekends and love working on our “fuck it” mantra. In December of 2015, ONEMETH did some rebranding of its own and created a collection that centres around quality fabrics and simplistic designs. Much to our relief, the new direction was met with praise and other people’s money. We ended the month by turning a decent profit and being new to the industry, I was happy.

A month later (January 4, 2016) a young man from Stratford, Ontario posts a photo to Instagram. The caption reads, “Hailey made me get cornrows like an absolute douche bag, these will be off tomorrow trust me Danny.” 2,135,755 likes and 62,228 comments later, I still don’t know who Danny is but I do know that people are losing their collective minds over Hailey Baldwin standing next to him.

“I care because in this picture of young love and wealth, a newly reformed Justin is wearing a newly released Thermal Long Sleeve from ONEMETH”

screenshot from @justinbieber instagram where he is wearing a Onemeth thermal long sleeve and sporting corn rows

Dating rumors stir and swarm as the photo makes its way through the internet and onto the cover of every celebrity-watching publication across the world. I pretend not to care about Bieber and Baldwin, but I do. I care because in this picture of young love and wealth, a newly reformed Justin is wearing a newly released Thermal Long Sleeve from ONEMETH. Did they engage in sexual wrestling while wearing a shirt I packaged with my own bare hands? In my mind, yes. Twice.

With this, we affectionately created a timeline in the ONEMETH journey of success:

BB – Before Bieb, 16 days before the photo seen around the globe.

AB – After Bieb,16 days after he posted.

As you read this, please think of the following as less of a humble brag and more like a bulleted comment on the power of a 21-year-old celebrity.

BB vs. AB – Sales of White Thermal Long Sleeve

  • +291%

BB vs AB – Top 5 Site Visitors by Location

  • Italy +12,800%
  • United Kingdom +10,533%
  • Germany + 3,985%
  • U.S.A +2,122%
  • Canada +209% (not really hearing it from the home team I guess)

AB – Top 10 Visitors by Locations We’ve Never Had Before

  • Nigeria
  • Mexico
  • Poland
  • Taiwan, Province of China
  • Argentina
  • Russian Federation
  • Belgium
  • Slovakia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Sweden

AB – Top 10 Visitors by Locations We’ve Never Had Before and that Are Fun to Say

  • Lao People’s Democratic Republic
  • Malaysia
  • Luxembourg
  • Barbados
  • Tunisia
  • Suriname
  • Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
  • Gudaloupe
  • Azerbaijan
  • Burkina Faso

BB vs AB – Sales by Channel

  • Tumblr (purchased through Bieber outfit blogs) +1,800%
  • Online Store (went directly to ONEMETH.com) +1,000%
  • Search Engine (used google, yahoo, etc. to find us) +700%
  • POS (visited the in-agency store in person) -80%

BB vs AB Total Sales

  • +3,536%

All of those numbers came from a single photo with a caption that had zero mention of @ONEMETHgoods. When it went live, I peed a little then the team got to work. It’s a bizarre world but there are blogs that exist solely to dissect Justin Bieber’s wardrobe and link out to where you can purchase each item (bizarre in a good way, no hate, all love, hi blog people!). Knowing this, we instantly morphed into Tumblr trolls and emailed every outfit blog that featured the photo. We gave them details, descriptions, high-res photos, and if they featured another shirt by accident, we gave them the gears. Once a few blogs were aligned, the rest followed. They were able to link directly to our shop, use our hashtags, mention our accounts, and make us feel accomplished.

screenshot from looklive showing the photo of Bieber wearing the Onemeth Thermal Long and providing a link to the Onemeth shop.

Yes, our white Thermal Long Sleeve was officially off and making the rounds on the World Wide Web. It became our best seller, sold out in small (you know who is a medium, by the way), and created a Tumblr trickle down effect that could be seen in the increased sales of our other goods. To put it simply, the white Thermal Long Sleeve was the best employee we ever had.

“Hate him, love him, or feel nothing for him, Justin Bieber has changed the way we look at our own brand”

Moving forward, will those elevated numbers catapult our line into every storefront in Toronto? Probably not. Will they change the way we think about designing future collections? Maybe. Have they turned everyone on our team into a Bieliber? Definitely. Hate him, love him, or feel nothing for him, Justin Bieber has changed the way we look at our own brand. He has injected a sense of recognition and, in a totally materialistic way, validated our efforts. I have no shame in admitting that Justin now occupies a large portion of my life.

From cramming the Purpose album into every DJ set I play to following blogs that no grown man should. From changing my hair because it looked appealing on him to spending hours wondering who lets him out of the house wearing a trucker hat, Justin is embedded into every fiber of my being. If I’m having an honest one-sided talk, I know that in three years from now I will still really love Justin Bieber and for that, I’m not going to say sorry (you’re singing the song in your head right now aren’t you).

gif of the dancers from Justin Bieber's music video Sorry (PURPOSE : The Movement)


Dario Petruzzi


February 2, 2016
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