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La Carnita

A small self-promo campaign that produced big results, and an actual restaurant.

A little while back, we decided to create a little self-promotion campaign. The main objective was to showcase our ability to set trends and create something out of nothing. After unearthing some insights, we decided to create a pop-up taco restaurant built around a devout social following. And so, we created La Carnita, a kitchen-less taco restaurant run by an ad agency.

The main challenge with La Carnita was that legally, we weren’t actually allowed to sell food. So instead, we sold original art, and with each piece, gave away three “free” tacos. To make an impact with our audience, the campaign needed to look and feel genuine so the entire experience was given a street-level, grassroots feel including a graffiti-stenciled logo, loud 90s hip hop music, original art created by local artists, and a social presence. This differentiated La Carnita from all other restaurant brands at the time and to enhance the streeness of it all, we never hid from the idea that La Carnita could be shut down at any moment – another differentiating factor, and our audience gravitated toward it.

In the end, the pop-up became so popular, we were forced to open a physical restaurant. As we write this, the second spot is opening up. If you haven’t been by, do roll through for a taco, and tell them OneMethod sent you.


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